Extensión de triceps con trx


Suspend your TRX at around knee height. Grab the handles with a prone grip and place your legs together behind you. Your position should look like a push up position. Contract your pelvic floor and core while keep your body straight. Move your hands to place them together. The ropes of the trx should be just above your head and they should have tension.


Start lowering yourself by bending your elbows until your hands touch your forehead while you inhale. Don't spread the elbows between them. Make sure you only move your elbows when you perform the exercise. Press your upper body back to the starting position strengthening you body while you exhale. Make sure your shoulder blades are always retracted.

TIPS: The exercise key is quality over quantity. The trick is to perform the exercise using proper form. Don't let the hips go down.

Muscles worked