Select the appropriate plates amount to put them on the bar. Grab the bar with a prone grip with your hands wider than shoulder width apart. Separate your feet at hips width apart. Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar. Maintain the lumbar curve. Retract your shoulder blade. Contract your pelvic floor and core while keeping your chest up.


Through the heels, move the bar upward by extending your hips and knees. Hips and shoulders should rise at the same rate. Then, extend your hips rapidly. Shrug your shoulders followed by a pull with your arms. Recieve the bar at the bottom of an overhead squat. Pressing mainly from your heels, extend your hips and legs maintaining the bar just over your head.

TIPS: Your heels should be down until your hips and legs are extended. Focus on stiffen the spine all the time using your core muscles.

Muscles worked