Extensión femoral de rodillas


Kneel with a ladder on your back and place your heels under the lowest level. You can put a cuisin under your knees. Place your hands on your shoulders crossing your arms. Contract your pelvic floor and core while keep your body straight.


Slowly move your body forward until your chest touch the floor. Help yourself with your arms to return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

TIPS: The exercise key is quality over quantity. The trick is to perform the exercise using proper form.

Starting Position

  • warm-up very well before you start with this exercise
  • get on your knees
  • you can put a folded towel or a fitness mat under your feet
  • your body is in a vertical line from head to knees
  • your tiptoes point backwards
  • your partner holds your ankles
  • alternatively, you can place your feet under a sofa or a bed, if it supports your weight and if there is enough room for your feet

Correct Execution

  • brace your hamstrings, your glutes and the core fully
  • now let your upper body and thighs sink down to the ground
  • hold the back as straight as you can and hold the body in a line
  • battle the gravity a bit
  • your knees always stick to the mat
  • do a push-up and go back into the starting position
  • you can gain a little momentum with your arms to get back up again
  • repeat the execution several times for an effective strength workout

Muscles worked