Cable crossover

Cruces de pectoral con cable-polea de pie inclinado


Place the pulleys on a position above your head. Select the appropriate resistance on the weight stack. Grab the handles of the pulleys, step forward and move your hands together and crossed in front of you. Your elbows should be slightly bent and your hands should be slightly under your shoulders. Place a foot in front of you for a more stable position. Contract your pelvic floor and core.


Start opening your arms to the sides until they make a straight line, preventing moving weights from touching the rest of the stack. Inhale during the movement. Using your pectoral muscles, return to the starting position in a strong movement while you exhale.

TIPS: The exercise key is quality over quantity. The trick is to perform the exercise using proper form. Your arms' line should always match the line of the pulleys. While your are doing the exercise, move only the shoulder joint, make sure you don't move any other part of your body. During the opening, focus on slow and controlled movement.

Muscles worked